3 Aspects of Coworking at The Pearl Works

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The concept of coworking is nothing new.

For decades, it’s meant different things and undergone multiple evolutions, but its essence has always remained the same:

Coworking is a global movement of shared workspaces. When you join a coworking space, you are part of a local and global community of professionals rethinking the community, structure, and practice of a workday.  

The Pearl Works is part of this larger movement. 

Coworking at The Pearl Works is a way of being that encourages collaboration, mutual support, friendship, and doing your best work. Here is how we think about three important aspects of coworking: community, structure, and practice

Coworking as community 

When you join a coworking space, like The Pearl Works, you gain access to a community.

Here, coworking is more than working side by side with another human being. Coworking brings people together from different life experiences and different backgrounds. It’s meeting someone new by the coffee pot, asking for a fresh pair of eyes on the spreadsheet you’ve been staring at, cheering someone on when life’s going well, and comforting others when it isn’t.

Coworking weaves the fabric of community through these day-to-day interactions and provides opportunities to collaborate, connect, and share.

Coworking as a structure 

A coworking space creates the structure we need to succeed—both in our work and home environments.

In James Clear’s Atomic Habits, he says that the “environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior.”

The physical space and visual cues of other people working in a coworking space become triggers for your brain to focus on what's most important. And at the end of the day, makes it easier for us to turn off our working brains and be present at home.

Coworking as a practice 

After the last few years of hardship and isolation, we’re relearning how to interact with humans, build trust and share resources. 

When you choose to engage in the practice of coworking, you have an opportunity to practice focusing your mind and attention on what's important, sharing resources, and interacting with humans in a non-transactional paradigm. The rituals you create here (like making coffee and having a lunch break with other people in the space) create momentum to take action on what matters.

Summing Up: Coworking as a way of being.

Coworking is awesome. When you join a coworking space, you receive a community of people, the structure to success, and an opportunity to practice human-ing

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