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Community Building


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Building community at local events. 

The Pearl Works has the pleasure of hosting a shaded area at Captain + Stoker’s upcoming Anniversary Festival on July 22nd!

We love the C+S crew and their vision to bring more fun community events to Monterey. Plus, having their coffee regularly available in our space is an added bonus! 

Popup events bring love, energy, and support to small local vendors here on the peninsula. They bring all kinds of different people—whose paths may not cross in any other area of life—into close proximity, providing rich opportunities to build community and create connections.

But in attending some of these events, I’ve started to notice how, as an introvert (yes, you read that right), they can often leave me feeling awkward—not knowing how to interact and engage with people I don’t know outside of just buying goods and services. So, Jon and I started talking about ways we could do things differently. What would it take to cultivate a space within a larger event where people might be willing to step outside of the pre-subscribed rhythm of life and take a risk talking with a stranger about something other than the weather or work?

Here on the Monterey Peninsula, we have so many incredible humans with so much life experience, curiosity, and passion. Yet so often it can be a challenge to unearth some of the magic that lives in each of us in casual conversations at larger events.

So, we’re gonna try a little social experiment at C+S’s Anniversary Festival. We’ll be hosting a lush, shaded space among other awesome vendors and organizations and, throughout the day, invite people (including you!) in for a quick conversation with a stranger. In short, we’re going to challenge the vendor-customer dynamic and encourage humans to be humans.

And we want you to be there!

Join us on Saturday, July 22nd, in our Conversation Corner and meet awesome humans. 

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