Dedicated Desk Vs. Hot Desk In Monterey

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Coworkers working at there dedicated and flexible work spaces.

We get this question all the time:

What’s the difference between your dedicated desks and your hot desks? 

Both options are within our shared workspace, but honestly, which one is best for you comes down to your preferred work style!

We’ve intentionally built our memberships to align with the differing needs of our community. So read on to learn more about the difference between these two, awesome coworking options!

What’s your work style?

When thinking about where you fit within a coworking space, the first thing you need to consider is your work style. Are you someone who…

  • Loves hearing the buzz and hum of people’s voices around? 
  • Needs a quiet space with minimal distractions to be able to get your work done? 
  • Wants to be where the people are, or tucked away in a cute little corner? 
  • Fancies the flexibility of a sit-stand desk?
  • Likes the flexibility of having an external monitor?

Knowing how you like to work—or even better, what sets you up to work healthier—is key to determining what work environment will help you do your best work!

What is a Dedicated Desk? 

Two dedicated desk members working in a pod of desks with a furry friend sitting quietly at the feet of a member.

If you’re someone who loves making a space your own (or love having an external monitor setup), a dedicated desk membership is the best fit for your work style.

A dedicated desk is your own workspace within a shared environment. We have a few different options depending on your work vibe. Coming into the space to see which area you feel most comfortable in will be an integral part of finding a space to support your workday. 

Here at The Pearl Works a dedicated desk comes with: 

  • Sit-stand desk
  • Storage space
  • (more meeting room credits than our flexible membership) 

What is Hot Desking?  

A flexible coworking member sitting at a shared desk working on his laptop.

Hot Desking is what we call “Flexible Coworking”. Think of it like elevated coffee shop vibes. You can pick a spot to work in any of our shared environments and set up shop. 

If you are the kind of worker whose laptop is your office, then our flexible membership may be your jam. Some of the folk who love our flexible coworking membership love finding their favorite spot and sit there regularly, while others love the flexibility to change locations and keep things fresh.

While this type of membership doesn’t give you a permanent desk, you do get the cool, lovingly-bestowed nickname, “Floater.”

At The Pearl Works, there are three ways you can be a floater:

Day Pass

If you just need a space for the day and don’t want to commit to a particular membership, then our Day Pass is the perfect fit for you. You’ll have access to all The Pearl Work amenities–like our private phone booths, kitchen and coffee/tea service, Refresh room, blazing-fast fiber wifi, and more–all with the flexibility of coming in when you need it.

10-Day Pack

Planning on coming in a bit more often, but still not quite ready to become a Pearl Peep? Then our 10-day Pack gives you 10 day passes at a discounted rate. Use them as often as you’d like within six months of your first visit.

Flexible Membership

Want to be a permanent floater? Our Flexible Membership option gives you access to The Pearl Works and all its amenities, Monday–Friday, 9am to 6pm. A huge bonus to our Flexible Membership is you also get Meeting Room credits–to use in dedicated private conference rooms that let you bring in your team or clients for those in-person meetings.

Learn More: Not every meeting room is the same! Check out our article on the four must-have meeting-room amenities to keep in mind when shopping for a meeting room.

Which coworking style is best for you?

We can talk circles around the value of coworking, getting out of the house, and existing around other humans. But choosing the right option–Dedicated Desk or Hot Desk–is totally up to you!

You’re doing the research, so you’re already ahead of the game. But the only way to know which space is the best for you is to book a tour and see yourself. The Pearl Works exists to support and facilitate having the space that supports our visitors and members so they can do their best work here, then go home and live life outside with greater presence and peace of mind.

Book a tour today and we’ll see you soon!

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