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Introducing Movie Night at The Pearl Works

The Pearl Works is a brand new coworking space in Monterey, California. We are dedicated to contribution, cross pollination and sustainability and aim to cultivate the space and supportive community for you to do what you are here to do.

Lights, Camera, Slow Fashion!

The environmental impacts of the energy industry are well known at this point, but the impacts of the clothes we buy, wear, and donate? Not so much.

Let’s look together at the impact of our clothing and the fashion industry on our world. Join us, on November 12th at 5:30pm, for a screening of “The True Cost” a documentary about the environmental and social impacts of Big Fashion. After the screening, we will have a lively conversation about actions we can take to use this community to build a stylish and fun sustainable lifestyle.

Whether you’re interested in learning how fashion affects your sustainable lifestyle, or you’re already invested and want to connect with others in the space, we’d love to have you join this conversation.

Everyone knows bits and pieces of the fashion industry story, together we knit them together to see the challenges and opportunities more clearly to take action for a better future together.

Slow Fiber, Fast Friends

I met Jaki at the beginning of the pandemic. I was standing in TJ’s parking lot on our weekly food stock up when I saw a sign for organic masks.

Intrigued and desperate for comfortable masks, I wandered in. What followed was an hour long, distanced and masked conversation about sustainability, fashion, creativity and the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

To this day, I cannot go into slowfiber without chatting for at least an hour.

Slowfiber is the local sustainable maker mender supply store on the Monterey peninsula. Jaki Canterbury is a passionate fashion rebel and activist who has made it her work to enable sustainable making and mending practices.

She is clear on the contribution she is here to make and inspires the frequenters of her shop to create, make, mend and buy responsibly.

Jaki has inspired me to consider more deeply the implications of my choices of the fiber I buy, wear, (and thanks to Jaki’s tutelage) make. It is because of the powerful shift I have had around this subject that I am excited to share this engaging opportunity with all of you.

Let’s Look Together

Let’s take an evening to look at this important issue, learn and empower each other to take actions that align with the world we want to be a part of creating.

The fashion industry is responsible for 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent every year!

Through coming together and talking about the fashion industry and other sustainability topics, we can find community — the courage and support we need to look and see the reality of the state of our world, and how we can take action. You are not alone.

To join the conversation CLICK HERE.

Interested in joining this community of incredible people? Check out our Founding Memberships and Book a Tour today!

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