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Marie sitting at her dedicated desk upstairs at The Pearl Works.

With International Women in Business Week coming up we wanted to take a moment to celebrate and uplift the work of Marie Goulet. Marie is the subtle flame behind Wild Land Workshop. She is an incredible Landscape Architect who focuses on regenerative, sustainable landscapes. Read on to learn more about this incredible human and the work Wild Land Workshop is up to.

Alora: What is one lesson you have learned from running your business? 

Marie: Coming from a background in art, ecology, and landscape architecture, there have been many lessons in the process of starting a business. 
Putting on a business cap and following the mission statement, making that mission clear to the world and the wild landscape architects I work with has become really important recently. We’re at a point where we want to really zero in on our design ethos, ensuring our superpowers are beaming toward our mission statement and saying no to opportunities that aren’t in alignment.

What do you see as being Wild Land Workshops’ Mission and the superpowers that your team has to make that possible?

Our mission is to make artful and endemic landscapes that are teaming with life, sequestering carbon, saving water, and inspiring people. We do that by re-wilding the built environment.

Who inspires you in your work?

Design inspiration for each project is different and starts as we become landscape detectives -  what would this land have been like without development?  Who would live here and how?  Wood rats, Opossum, Native Bees, Western fence lizard, the Esselen tribe… our Indigenous architects are pretty savvy and inspiring, and it’s fun and challenging to imagine modern ways to use and adapt this knowledge to create beauty.

Why do you do the work you do?

Landscape architecture is pretty neat. It combines the skills of art, ecology,  and engineering while connecting people to the natural world in healing and life-improving ways.  As planners and land stewards, this work is essential for our world, which is exciting and empowering at any scale.  

Why did you join The Pearl Works? 

I was looking to find or create a community where Wild Land Workshop could be a part of a larger group of people who shared similar values while giving us the flexibility to grow or shrink as the pandemic slowly subsided and uncertainty lingered. I’m thankful to Deanna for finding it, joining the community first, and talking me into coming along!

What do you do when you’re not coworking?

We have a ton of fun when we have the time to explore California, which still feels like new territory 20 years in.  Living at the edge of Ventana wilderness gives us lots to explore around the neighborhood and beyond. We’re outdoors a lot. We share land with our friends and experiment in the gardens, making messes and cleaning them up in perpetuity

Marie and her team work our of the second floor of The Pearl Works. We are grateful that we get to have incredible humans like Marie and her team to work alongside us. Are you interested in learning more about membership? Book a tour and let’s chat about how you fit into The Pearl Works ecosystem.

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