Remote Worker Holiday Gift Guide

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M JJYPET Laptop Stand

We love the flexibility of working from our laptops, and yet the ergonomics of hunching over our portable tech is not the best for our bodies. Gift your favorite remote worker this laptop stand. It brings up the height of the keyboard and screen just enough to make it easier to sit up straight and avoid the workaholic slouch.

Aigyonx Portable Monitor Tablet Stand

When working in a shared environment, many of our members missed having an external monitor. This tablet stand is a game changer and makes having an external monitor just as portable as a laptop! 

Arzopa Portable Monitor

For times when one screen is simply not enough, this portable monitor makes all the difference, pair it with the Aigyonx Portable Monitor Stand and you have the perfect gift to save your loved one's neck. 

Intelligent Change Productivity Planner

We love all the productivity apps on the market, but sometimes writing out our calendars and to-do lists on good ol’ fashioned paper helps us really buckle down and get things done. This beautiful planner is a great gift for your tactile remote worker peeps. 

Rishi Tea Strainer

For your favorite tea lover, this zero-waste way of brewing tea is what we use in our space. Appreciate the ease and elegance of these Rishi Tea Strainers. We sell them too! Buy it online through our platform and come by to pick it up for your loved one. 

Gift Card to The Pearl Works 

For an experiential gift, support your favorite remote worker in getting out of the house! We have a space specifically designed to make their work day better, surrounded by awesome people.

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